New Yorkers Deserve Answers

New Yorkers Deserve Answers

The following quote can be attributed to Rich Azzopardi, Spokesman for the 56th Governor of the State of New York Andrew M. Cuomo:

“It should raise serious red flags that the AG and her staff duck every time specific questions about omissions and inaccuracies in the AG’s report are raised. The public deserves specific answers from the AG as to the credibility of her report - especially while she mulls a run for Governor.”

Today the Attorney General said she would break her silence regarding the report she issued 8 weeks ago — now she should answer the following 10 questions:

  1. You announced that there were 11 violations of State and Federal Law— can the AG name 11 people who even have a viable case under the State/Federal sexual harassment law? Why did the AG pad the numbers in her report?
  2. Lindsey Boylan’s top campaign consultant, Trip Yang, had extensive conversations with the Attorney General’s Chief of Staff, Ibrahim Kahn, in December of 2020 regarding Ms. Boylan’s allegations and legal and media strategy — were Mr. Yang and Mr. Kahn put under oath?  Why was this omitted from the AG’s report?
  3. What did the text message say that Lindsey Boylan sent Howard Zemsky that he characterized as 'jarring' and 'threatening' to get him to change his story and why was that text message omitted from the report?
  4. Lindsey Boylan texted two top Cuomo staffers threatening retaliation in March of 2020, saying "I will find ways to respond.  Life is long. And so is my memory. And so are my resources."  How was this taken into account when assessing Boylan's motivations?
  5. Liz Fine, current Counsel to the Governor, requested that Ms. Boylan be terminated from the Economic Development line she occupied and be physically removed from the floor altogether because she was “hostile and a bully”.  When confronted with these claims, Ms. Boylan abruptly quit in protest and then later called to request her job back — a request that was not approved.  Ms. Boylan later mischaracterized the terms of her departure publicly on twitter, even intimating that she was asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement.  How was this taken into account when assessing Ms. Boylan’s motivations?
  6. It has been alleged that one of the accusers had previously colluded with others to make false allegations regarding sexual misconduct -- how was that taken into account when assessing her claims?
  7. You reached the conclusion definitively that the incident regarding one of the accusers occurred on November 16th -- she disagrees -- how did you reach the conclusion of November 16?  If you were wrong about November 16, what else were you wrong about?
  8. Were you aware of Joon Kim’s hostile history with Governor Cuomo when you selected him to do the review?  How was that choice consistent with the referral that stated the reviewer must be independent?  
  9. The Governor requested to record his own interview — why did you refuse that request?  And why won’t you release the video tape of his own testimony to him or publicly?  Why haven't you given the evidence and transcripts that you allegedly used to reach your conclusions over to the Governor and those you named in the report so that they could properly defend themselves?
  10. Why did you only place 41 people under oath when you claim to have interviewed 179 people, and why are there not transcripts of every single interview? 

We welcome the AG to the conversation.

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