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Andrew Cuomo fights every day to make progressive ideas a reality. Together we've made real change:

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  • RT @NYGovCuomo: It’s Saturday. It’s the Fourth of July. Celebrate safely.

    July 4

  • RT @NYGovCuomo: 3 months ago there weren’t enough masks. We were desperately sourcing them from all over the globe. Now there are plenty…

    July 3


    July 3

  • New Yorkers MUST comply with social distancing and wear masks. Don’t risk your life. Don’t risk someone else’s li…

    July 2

  • Today we are expanding our testing criteria statewide to ALL New Yorkers. There is enough capacity. Get tested. I…

    July 1

  • Our reopening process is based on data, science, and metrics. Because that's how New York must re-open.

    July 1

  • RT @NYGovCuomo: Today the Supreme Court reaffirmed what was clear - Louisiana’s law purporting to protect health and safety is unconstituti…

    June 30

  • Mask around your neck: Not useful. Mask covering your mouth and nose: Useful.

    June 30

  • Wake up America. COVID is getting worse not better. The White House is in denial.

    June 30

  • This virus does not respond to politics or party. It responds to what we do. Show you care. Wear a Mask. Everyone Wear a Mask.

    June 29