Governor Cuomo and Long Island Senate candidates propose nine-point plan to make Long Island stronger, healthier and safer with a democratic senate majority in November

Governor Cuomo and Long Island Senate candidates propose nine-point plan to make Long Island stronger, healthier and safer with a democratic senate majority in November

Long Island Democratic Candidates Pledge to Enact Nine-Point Plan for a Stronger Long Island; Governor Cuomo Endorses Long Island State Senate Candidates


As the Federal Government Threatens New York, Governor Cuomo and Long Island State Senate Candidates Pledge to Keep Long Island Moving Forward by Continuing Successful 2 Percent Property Tax Cap, Codifying Roe v. Wade into State Law, Strengthening New York’s Nation-Leading Gun Laws, Investing in our Infrastructure and Economy & Enacting Ethics Reform by Banning Outside Income


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Brookville, NY – Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and Long Island State Senate candidates and leaders rallied today with more than 300 New Yorkers to launch a nine-point plan to make Long Island stronger, healthier and safer by electing a Democratic Senate Majority in November. With the threats New York is facing from Washington, Governor Cuomo and Long Island Senate candidates pledged to continue to move Long Island forward by reducing taxes, investing in the region’s infrastructure and economy, and protecting New Yorkers’ health, safety and environment. 


The nine-point plan includes protecting Long Islanders from the devastating impact of the federal government’s elimination of SALT, continuing the successful 2 percent property tax cap, and demanding New York City pay its fair share for the MTA. Additionally, the agenda includes passing the first-in-the-nation Red Flag Gun Protection bill, combating MS-13, advancing the state’s new $150 billion infrastructure plan and modernizing the LIRR. The plan also includes providing record funding to our public schools, ensuring access to clean water, protecting a woman’s right to choose by codifying Roe v. Wade into state law, and passing comprehensive ethics and voting reform. 


Long Island Senate Democratic Agenda: Keeping Long Island Strong, Healthy, Safe


Long Island needs representatives in Albany who will fight for our communities and work with Governor Cuomo to reduce taxes, invest in our infrastructure and our economy, and protect our health, safety and environment. 

When elected, Long Island’s Democratic State Senators will put the interests of Long Island above anything else and join with Governor Cuomo to support the Long Island Agenda:

To fight for Long Island taxpayers:

Protect Long Islanders from the catastrophic impact of Washington’s elimination of full state and local tax deductibility (SALT), which will increase taxes and reduce home values on Long Island

Protect Governor Cuomo’s Successful 2% Property Tax Cap, which has saved Long Islanders $5.6 billion in local property taxes, hold the line on taxes and protect the 2% State spending cap

Continue government functionality and professionalism by enacting on-time balanced budgets

Continue New York State fiscal responsibility and enact historic tax cuts for middle class families — like the ones passed in the last several years that cut middle class income taxes to the lowest levels in over 70 years and benefitting over 686,000 taxpayers on Long Island

Demand Long Island receive its fair share of State funding

Demand New York City pay its fair share for the MTA

To keep Long Island safe:

Pass the Governor’s Red Flag Gun Protection Bill to prevent people deemed dangerous to themselves or others from purchasing a gun and continue to support the SAFE Act, the strongest gun safety law in the nation

Lead the fight against gangs like MS-13, including with investments in educational programming, employment opportunities and comprehensive youth support to prevent gang involvement

Spearhead critical investments in anti-terrorism measures to protect Long Islanders from today’s threats

To rebuild our infrastructure:

Fight for Long Island’s fair share of the Governor’s new proposed $150 billion infrastructure plan

Expedite Governor Cuomo’s $6 billion transformation of the Long Island Rail Road to increase rail service, reduce disruptions and make rail crossings safer – totaling 100 projects across the system including the historic Third Track expansion project – and secure new funding for additional Long Island Rail Road programs.

Invest in Long Island roads and bridges, including improvements to the Northern State, LIE, Sagtikos Parkway, Route 347 and Meadowbrook Parkway

To create jobs and grow the Long Island economy:

Build on the Governor’s record $11 billion investment in economic development and transportation for Long Island

Support the thriving biotechnology, research, and academic community on Long Island to ensure Long Island remains a global leader, expanding on the State’s $220 million investment

To strengthen Long Island’s schools:

Demand Long Island schools receive their fair share of Education Aid

Secure additional funding for school safety capital improvements 

To keep Long Island healthy:

Demand new funding to protect our drinking water on top of the historic $2.5 billion Clean Water Infrastructure Act, and support Governor Cuomo’s project to fully contain and treat the Grumman plume

Protect and expand access to affordable health care and stand up to the federal government’s attempt to end the Affordable Care Act and roll back protections for Long Islanders with pre-existing conditions

Lead the fight against the opioid crisis, building on the State’s record $200 million investment

To protect Long Island’s natural beauty:

Spearhead resiliency projects and efforts to reduce nitrogen pollution and protect and rebuild Long Island’s treatment facilities, including the $354 million Bay Park project

Pass the Governor’s ‘Save Our Waters’ bill to prohibit the leasing of lands, including underwater lands, for offshore drilling and exploration, and drilling infrastructure off the coast of Long Island  

Secure new funding for improvement projects at Long Island’s State Parks, building on progress like the $65 million transformation of Jones Beach

To ensure Long Island remains a beacon of equal rights and equal opportunity:

Codify of Roe v. Wade into State law to protect women’s reproductive health rights 

Advance the Governor’s Women’s Opportunity Agenda to combat sexual harassment, close the pay gap, and advance equality.

To uphold our democracy: 

Pass real ethics reform, including banning outside income and closing the LLC loophole 

Pass voting reform, including instituting early voting and no-excuse absentee voting

 State Senate candidates in attendance include: 

  • Senator Todd Kaminksy 
  • Senator John Brooks 
  • Kathleen Cleary, candidate for SD-2
  • Anna Kaplan, candidate for SD-3
  • Lou D'Amaro, candidate for SD-4
  • Jim Gaughran, candidate for SD-5
  • Kevin Thomas, candidate for SD-6
  • Monica Martinez, candidate for SD-7

Governor Cuomo said, “No state in the nation has accomplished more for its people in a shorter period of time than our great state of New York. We have provided real solutions for real people in real time. But our challenge – and our charge – is to continue our progressive leadership in the face of the threats emanating from Washington. Together, we are going to flip the State Senate to continue our common sense progressive agenda – and it all starts here on Long Island. While Washington tries to take us backward, we are going to invest in our economy, lower middle-class taxes, codify Roe v Wade into state law, and revitalize the region’s infrastructure to make Long Island stronger, healthier and safer for years to come.” 


Kathleen Cleary, Candidate for NY SD-2, said “We are uniting to take back the State Senate and pledging to make Long Island strong, healthy and safe.  We are going to make sure that every family on Long Island has the economic mobility to succeed and we are going make the New York Health Act a reality. I pledge that in November, we are going to elect a democratic majority in the state senate and continue to move Long Island forward for generations to come.”


Legislator Monica Martinez, Candidate for NY SD-3, said “As Washington Republicans try to dismantle the very cornerstones of our democracy, I am proud to pledge to you that we are going to protect Long Islanders.  We are going to make the property tax cut permanent to support middle class families.  We are going to pass the Reproductive Health Act so that, we can codify Roe v. Wade and make sure no politician gets between a woman and her healthcare decisions.  We are going to pass the Red Flag Bill to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous individuals.  Together, we can elect a Democratic Senate Majority and keep Long Island moving forward.”


Lou D’Amaro, Candidate for NY SD-4, said “Long Island has been my home for over 57 years and that is why I am pledging to make the Long Island region even stronger, healthier, and safer for our families and future generations.  Under Governor Cuomo, New York has moved in the right direction with enacting a $15 minimum wage, establishing 12-week paid family leave, free college tuition for full time students of lesser means, and the most comprehensive gun safety laws to protect our children.  We need to keep the momentum going by standing up for Long Island, fighting back, and flipping the State Senate.”


Jim Gaughran, Candidate for NY SD-5, said “With the uncertainty New Yorkers are facing from Washington, it’s critical Democrats stand together united and send a message that New York’s families will always come first.  By making critical investments in our infrastructure, increasing state aid to Long Island's public schools, protecting women’s reproductive rights, delivering much-needed tax relief to working families, creating good-paying jobs and ensuring access to quality healthcare, we can ensure Long Island remains at the forefront of opportunity and equality. I thank the Governor for advancing this agenda to make Long Island stronger, fairer and safer and I look forward to working together in the State Senate.”


Kevin Thomas, Candidate for NY SD-6, said “This November, we need to flip the State Senate and send a strong message across New York that fairness, opportunity and equality will always prevail. Working together, we are going to bring more funding to our public schools and support our local small businesses.  We are going to pass the New York Health Act and protect our natural environment.  I’m proud to join the pledge to make Long Island stronger, healthier and safer and I look forward to working with Governor Cuomo to make it a reality.”


Councilwoman Anna Kaplan, Candidate for NY SD-7, said “Long Island is resilient and that is why I am pledging to make our great home an even stronger, healthier, and safer place. When we flip the State Senate, we are going to build on the progress we have achieved and take it to new heights.  We are going to combat the opioid crisis, ensure access to reproductive healthcare, and strengthen our nation-leading gun laws while Washington continues to turn its back. I applaud the Governor for his strong, proven leadership making Long Island a beacon of opportunity for all and I’m proud to join this effort.”


Senator John Brooks (NY SD-8) said “Working together as Democrats we can build on the last eight years of progress and continue to make Long Island strong, healthy and safe for years to come. In these uncertain times, we must take back the State Senate to bolster Long Island’s economy, improve our education system, provide access to quality and affordable healthcare, and stop gang violence before it starts. This election year is critical, and we need to stand up, fight back, and flip the State Senate blue. I thank Governor Cuomo for his leadership and support.” 


Senator Todd Kaminsky (NY SD-9) said “Under Governor Cuomo’s leadership, Long Island has made tremendous progress – our economy is booming, students have access to the quality education they deserve regardless of their zip code, record investments our being made to protect our environment and ensure access to clean water. To continue this record of success, we need to flip the State Senate blue this November and elect a Democratic Senate Majority. Together, we will take strides to strengthen the LIRR, make the property tax cut permanent, and ensure Long Island remains a beacon of equal rights and equal opportunity.  That is why I am proud to join my colleagues in pledging to make Long Island strong, healthy and safe as your next state senator.”


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